Crowdr Technology transfer DATA TO MOBILE DEVICES BY SOUND

Our unique technology is divided into 2 fields, real-time technology and the unique algorithm that can transfer data to mobile devices in various configurations, regardless of internet communication.

For several years now, we have been developing and improving our real-time technology, which can operate and communicate with mobile phones without the need for cellular reception and without the need for additional electronic equipment other than the mobile devices of the people in the stadium or in the show grounds.

The knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years has led us to solve various problems of synchronization in order to maximize the accuracy of all devices in the audience.

Thanks to the technology we have created, we are able to synchronize mobile devices of different people in one place in a precise way that enables us to transmit data to the audience, without having to rely on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cellular service.

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Crowdr app

create an exceptional

interactive show

Our unique technology enables you to create an exceptional interactive show while engaging the crowd on real time. playing the same music at the same time as the singer enters the stadium or changing screen color during the show to light up the arena with an exceptional synchronized lightshow experience.