Turn your show into an

interactive experience

Crowdr has already engaged more than 600,000 people in 129 different shows by sound and without internet connection.


What is Crowdr

Crowdr is a new generation technology that creates an interactive synchronized experience of sounds and lights for concerts,festivals and corporate events,using video and audio technology.

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Crowd Live Poll

Live Poll

Let your audience take an active part in the show, using Live Polls so they can choose between different options .

Play videos simultaneously

Play videos

Play videos on the crowd's devices simultaneously during your event, without having to rely on a cellular service.

crowd engagement

Crowd engagement

We know that sometimes you need to make things different, we can build specific engagement variations to meet your needs.

Crowd Selfie

Timed Crowd Selfie

Engage your fans by orchestrating a massive synchronized selfie

Live Trivia Crowd

Live Trivia

Run Synchronized trivia for your crowd and announce real-time winner at the end

Light Shows Light Shows

Light Shows

Light up the arena through the entire crowd's smartphones, creating a synchronized unique lightshow.

Crowd Coupons


Push coupons and discounts to the crowd during your event without needing an internet connection

Sponsored activity

Sponsored activity

Sponsored visual content integration,as an additional way to maximise the show’s revenue.

Crowd sound sync

Entire Crowd sound sync

Play sounds through the entire crowd's smartphones,creating a synchronized custom audio live show experience.

No internet connection required

No internet connection required

In crowded places there’s a bad cellular reception,our technology doesn’t require any data connectivity.

Crowd Light sync

Entire Crowd Light sync

Light up the arena through the entire crowd's smartphones, creating a synchronized unique lightshow.

Crowd engagement

Crowd engagement

Keep your audience interested using customizable content during the show

Crowdr technology

Crowdr unique algorithm transfer data to mobile devices by sound

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Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have

What is the maximum of the devices we support?

Our technology does not limit us to the number of devices or people. We can synchronize entire stadiums with hundreds of thousands of devices

How do all the phones start at the same time?

With the technology we have developed and the management interface that allows the event operator to send commands to all audience devices in real time

Is a network required?

Our technology is not based on Internet connection and therefore we can operate in places without cellular reception

What equipment do you need in the show area to operate our product?

Do not need any additional equipment. Our product only works in an app that works on the audience’s phones.

What permissions does the app use?

While you are not on the show- the app does not perform any action and does not use any data from the user’s device. Only when the user is in the show inside the stadium and moves to the status of “Live” – the app listen to the sound and synchronize with the rest of the crowds.

Is it secure?

Our technology is encrypted and ensures that only with our management interface can you jump or influence the mobile devices during the show.

How much does it cost?

We will design the experience by our technology in a customized way for each event and only then can we talk about the costs.

Engage your crowd

With our smart admin panel you can build your own lineup for the show and run it simultaneously to the entire audience



Your branding, your crowd. We know how to create the full experience app for your show

Sending updates and reminders to the crowd

Sending updates

Sending updates and reminders to the crowd, before and during the show.

Real time control

Real time control

Play, stop or change the music and the lightshow on the crowd's smartphones on real time

crowdr Data analytics

Data analytics

Viewing the crowd statistic data through the management control panel and know much more about your crowd

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